Anything of substance is friends-only. If you'd like to be added, comment here to be considered. I'm not all that discriminating, but I am more cautious than I used to be, and I do not just add random people. Please let me know where you found me and why you want to add me. Keep in mind that I do have my reasons for not adding some people if I get an unpleasant vibe, and I'll even ban you if you're blatantly using LJ as a porn-finder or a hook-up site.

Honestly, I'm not really looking to add or get to know more people, right now. I am a full time student and I also work, so I don't have the time or energy to vet anyone to see if I'm okay with adding them. Feel free to comment if you know me from somewhere and want to add me, but I still may not be up to it for a while.

Made a fact sheet to celebrate National Bat Appreciation Day! Feel free to share it. ;)
Removed a crapload of journals from my friends list. Journals which have been inactive for a long time, or ones who I just honestly don't remember, etc.

I can never remember who is who on some journals, particularly in cases where I may have added multiple journals belonging to the same person, etc. Over time I can't remember if they're the same person or if they're different people and I just get confused and remove them. =P

Anyway. *shrug*

Lucius is in the shop.

As is the devilmeleon:

Working on putting together a custom ordering info sheet so that I have something already set up to give to interested buyers.

If you were ordering a custom chameleon from me (painted or otherwise), what questions would you have?

If you were ordering a custom doll from me, what questions would you have?
Goddammit, we had better not go into Syria. I will be so fucking pissed.
FYI: Today has been awesome.

Lol no.

Yes, because there's absolutely NOTHING we could be doing better.

I fucking love Gotye.
Giveaway is ending tomorrow night: enter nowwww

This update is in part to remind people to place each of their entries in SEPARATE comments. Please, if you've entered the giveaway, go check to make sure that your entries are not consolidated into one comment. If you haven't put each entry into separate comments by the time the giveaway ends, I'll have to count it only as one entry.
Don't forget to enter the giveaway, if you haven't already: link

Clicky to read about it.

I think this will be the last giveaway I'll do for quite a while, so get in on it while you can. =3
I saw this group in my suggested meetups and I got super excited until I realized that it was the political group, not an actual tea party. =(
I need to get some sushi rice so that I can learn to make onigiri. OMFG. =D

Anyone know what grocery chains carry it?
My sewing machine is being a bitch:

I don't know what the hell is wrong with it. My guess would be maybe it's a timing issue? Which I've NO CLUE how to fix, and I really don't want to take it in to a repairman because I'm broke. Looks like I'll be hand sewing the rest of this custom order. FUUUCK.
This blog reminds me of that quote that warns you not to compare your real life to other peoples' highlight reals.

Why is life so goddamned hard?



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